Top-rated Lottery gambling sites in Philippines

Betting on lotteries is simple for everyone to understand. The process entails picking a set of numbers following a prescribed order and then waiting for the draw to be made, usually by the betting provider. In the case of online lottos, players must purchase a digital ticket.

Lotto games are undoubtedly embedded in the Filipino culture. Many Filipinos firmly believe that they could be a single ticket away from a large winning that could change their lives. The hope for an easier and more comfortable life is undoubtedly a key reason why lotto games are a part of life for many Filipino punters.

An increasing number of punters queue in lotto outlets and online lottery sites to be part of the lottery. Even though the amounts wagered are greater than the total winnings, Filipinos still hold on to their faith of pulling a big win and grabbing the headlines of local dailies.

Top-rated Lottery gambling sites in Philippines
The Best Philippine Lotteries in 2023
The Best Philippine Lotteries in 2023

The Best Philippine Lotteries in 2023

The demand for lottery games has undoubtedly attracted several online lottery sites. Many online lottery sites offer their services to Filipino punters. As such, it is every lotto player's responsibility to do due diligence and pick the best lottery online. This article shares some of the best online lottery sites available to Filipino punters to help local players pick a favorite easily.

The Best Philippine Lotteries in 2023
Philippine players' favorite lottery games

Philippine players' favorite lottery games

The Philippines has a long and colorful history of lottery games. Today, Filipino punters have a long list of lotteries at their hands. Each lottery brings some unique attributes in terms of the gameplay and prize money winnings. Here are some player Philippines lotto favorites today:

6D Lotto

This lottery game, the 6D Lotto is the most popular lottery games in the Philippines, played by many.

EZ2 Lotto

In 2004, the EZ2 lotto, is a relatively new lotto game in the Philippines. Initially, this game was only available on Luzon Island. With growing interest across the country, the PCSO decided to introduce the lottery game in Visayas and Mindanao, which has earned it a spot among the most popular lottery games in the country.

Lotto 6/42

This lottery sees punter pick six numbers from a pool of 42, hence the name. First introduced in Luzon in 1995, the Lotto 6/42 enjoys massive popularity across the Island. Some punters have managed to win Lotto 6/42's jackpot, with the highest number of jackpot wins recorded in 2017.

6/49 Lotto

This lottery game is similar to the 6/42, only that the pool has 49 numbers. This lottery holds three draws a week, usually every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. What's more, 6/49 Lotto has no jackpot cap.

Lotto 6/55

The Grand Lotto 6/55 is yet another player favorite in the Philippines. This 55-pool lottery holds three jackpot draws every week, which translates to three chances of winning amazing lottery prizes along with other prizes every week.

Other player favorites include the 6/49 and 6/58. However, most lottery players are usually drawn to jackpots as the jackpot pool approaches record-breaking numbers.

Philippine players' favorite lottery games
Payment methods In the Philippines

Payment methods In the Philippines

Lottery operators are always keen to provide players with a safe gaming environment. PCSO lotteries often employ cash payments. Online lotteries licensed in credible jurisdictions take a different approach. The commonly used lottery payment methods used in online lotteries are those with a proven record of transparency. Some widely used lottery payment methods include:

Card Payments

Credit and debits are among the most used payment methods in the Philippines for their availability and convenience. The most used brands by Philippines lotto players include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. It is worth noting that deposits made using credit or debit cards are usually instant, while withdrawals take some time to process.


Often, Filipino players turn to e-wallets when playing online lotteries. Neteller and Skrill are some of the most preferred options in this area. The good thing about e-wallets is that players can make and receive payments in multiple currencies, including Filipino pesos. And with online lottery gaming still a concern in the country, e-wallets help cover players' tracks online.

Prepaid Cards

Filipino players can also take advantage of prepaid cards. Most players use the ecoPayz card. This method is highly preferred because it limits a player's spending to what is already loaded in the card.

Payment methods In the Philippines
History of lotteries in the Philippines

History of lotteries in the Philippines

Lotteries are not new in the Philippines. While lotto games as they are today might have shifted online, the tradition of picking numbers with the anticipation of pulling a big win has been a mainstay in the Filipino culture. Early records show that lotteries have been around the Philippines since 1883.

It is believed that lotto games are one of the many things Filipinos adopted from Spain. During the early days, Lotteries were administered by private enterprises under the Spanish government's watch. The main reason behind the introduction of lotteries in the country is the creation of additional streams of revenues for the government.

During its early years, a lucky player, Dr. Jose Rizal, won a jackpot of 6,200 Pesos from the Manila Lottery in 1892. While still in exile, Rizal surprised many when he donated his win towards an educational drive. This" big win" ignited interest from various quarters. However, the Lottery was short-lived owing to the fact that the Philippine Revolution (1896 – 1898) broke out a few years later.

Post Philippine Revolution – the 1900s

The first lotto draw after the two-year Revolution was held in 1932. Just like in the past, the government of the day used lotteries as a 'funds drive' aimed at raising revenue to fund charitable activities. Lotteries became successful, obliging the government to shift its focus to holding more draws directed towards charitable causes such as the then Philippine Anti-Tuberculosis Society (PTSI).

The government instituted the Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office (PCSO) to oversee lottery gaming in 1935. The new body quickly sought a 250,000 Pesos loan from the Treasury to expedite the establishment of the lotto gaming industry.

This turned out to be a huge success, as the entire amount was repaid in a couple of weeks. The humanitarian mission associated with lotteries was instrumental in earning public backing, which remains to date.

Fast forward, PCSO appointed a new chairperson in 1995, Manuel Morato. Under his leadership, the first online lottery was launched, seeing the term lotto adopted. Even though online lotteries faced severe criticisms, the Supreme Court was quick to support this new mode of gaming, marking a new era in the Filipino lottery industry.

History of lotteries in the Philippines
Lottery nowadays in the Philippines

Lottery nowadays in the Philippines

Even though online lottery gaming was met with opposition, it is undoubtedly the face of modern-day lottery gaming. Lottos have transformed key aspects of lotteries, making them more exciting and colorful.

The PCSO is the main player in lotto gaming. This body offers five major lotto games: Ultra Lotto 6/58, the Grand Lotto 6/55, Super Lotto 6/49, Mega Lotto 6/45, and the Lotto 6/42, with each variant having a separate drawing schedule and pot prize.

It is also worth noting that Filipinos continue to buy lotto scratch cards from lottery outlets. Players can access these outlets at almost every corner, whether at transportation hubs, train stations, malls, or supermarkets.

Future of lottery in the Philippines

With numerous brick and mortal agents, the online lottery market in the Philippines remains wide open. There is still no offshore online lotto site licensed to offer its services in the Philippines due to the state's interest in the gaming industry.

Without a doubt, online casinos are keen to exploit the flourishing Filipino lotto market. With the population increasing, the mobile payment ecosystem's proliferation, and the development of the internet infrastructure in the country, online lotteries could soon be a mainstay in the industry.

It is also worth noting that the global gaming trends could also have a spillover effect on the Filipino lotto gaming trends. With online gambling gaining acceptance worldwide, Filipinos could soon explore offshore markets.

Lottery nowadays in the Philippines
Lottery legislation in Philippines

Lottery legislation in Philippines

Lottery legislation in the Philippines is anchored on the Republic Act No. 1169. Also known as the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Charter, this legislation saw the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) instituted. This office is mandated to serve the following functions:

  • Hold and conduct charity sweepstakes, lotteries, and other similar activities in the country.
  • Undertake health and welfare-related activities, subject to approval from the Minister of Human Settlements

As far as lottery legislation goes, players are advised to pay attention to the minimum legal age. Anyone 21 or older is allowed to play lottery games actively. Most gaming establishments require proof, such as an ID, passport, or any official document.

Lottery acts in Philippines

As mentioned above, the gaming industry is highly regulated. Most of the laws that apply to conventional gambling practices as double-up as lottery acts. Here are some notable lottery acts in the Philippines.

  • Republic Act 4130: This act served to authorize the operations of the PCSO. It also permits the office to hold annual lotteries to benefit the Philippine Rural Construction Movement.
  • Republic Act 9287: This act was enacted in a bid to strengthen the already set penalties for gambling violations already established by the Decree No. 1602 three years before.
  • Republic Act 10927: Also known as the anti-money laundering act, this law served to protect punters from illegal money laundering practices. According to this law, casinos and lotteries must report all transactions above five million pesos to the relevant authorities.
  • Executive Order No 13: This order serves to fight illegal gambling practices in the Philippines. Under this order, all law enforcement agencies are given the mandate to intensify their fight on illegal gambling in a bid to help the country raise more funds from legal gambling.
Lottery legislation in Philippines


Is Gambling Legal in the Philippines

Gambling is not entirely legal. For starters, locals are only allowed to play land-based gambling, leaving the online landscape entire to tourists visiting the country. However, some Filipino players frequent offshore casinos.

Which Are the Best Lotto Sites for Filipinos?

With online lotteries still outlawed for Filipinos, the number of offshore casinos available to players from the Philippines keeps increasing. Lotto review sites go to great lengths to review lotto sites open to Filipinos before coming up with a list of the best lotto sites for Filipino players.

How Can One Identify the Best Lotto Site?

Picking the best lottery sites is not an easy task for most Filipinos. However, security and credibility are usually top considerations when looking for an online lotto in the country. Any player should be ready to do their homework before committing to any lottery site.

What are the Most Popular Lotto Games?

PCSO lotto games are undoubtedly the most popular games in the country. However, there are is an endless list of lucrative options available at offshore casinos.

Can I Play Lottery Games for Free?

Traditional lottery games are not free; however, some online lotteries could have a free entry.