Complete List of 10 QIWI Lottery Sites 2024

Being a wallet payment service, QIWI has made transactions in online lottery sites relatively easy. QIWI Wallet Europe Limited is a service that mainly focuses on e-payment and e-wallet solutions. It enables its users to make and receive payments via the internet and mobile communication channels. QIWI wallet offers prepaid accounts, virtual prepaid cards, and physical prepaid cards to its customers.

Its services are enjoyed in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). This payment network boasts more than 17 million wallets and virtual cards issued to customers and a good number of payment points. Founded in 2007, QIWI PLC launched the QIWI wallet in 2008. QIWI wallet users can swiftly transfer funds between other e-wallets and even use money transfer systems like Western Union.

Complete List of 10 QIWI Lottery Sites 2024
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How to make a deposit with QIWI

QIWI PLC provides its QIWI e-wallet services to different areas such as; digital entertainment, housing and public utility payments, tourism, the transport industry, and the banking system. Using QIWI as a payment method in online lottery sites is undemanding. As a lottery player, a QIWI account is one of the best deposit methods to use. Creating a QIWI account is easy. After creating the account, the user will be required to fund the new account with enough money to deposit in their online lottery site account.

The preferred online lottery site must also have QIWI listed as one of its payment methods for a player to use their QIWI e-wallet account. If it is listed, log on to the online lottery site and click on the QIWI payment option listed to make a deposit. The player will then have to click on the QIWI logo to be redirected to the QIWI website, where the player will need to log on to his account.

Automatic Filling

The online lottery site details will be filled in automatically. The player will be required to input now the amount they want to deposit and complete the security measures needed to complete the transaction. If the player’s QIWI account is well funded, the transaction is processed, immediately approved, and credited to their online lottery site account.

It is possible to connect a QIWI account to a bank account. All players need to do is log on to their QIWI account. On the top panel display, click on QIWI Cards. A link to a card of another bank option immediately appears. Users are then required to fill and add in the required data. Users have to enter a confirmation code they receive by email or SMS as a verification. The card is then automatically linked to the preferred bank account.

Direct deposits

Making a direct deposit with QIWI is possible. Users can load money onto their QIWI Wallets using different payment methods. These methods include activated telephone contracts, bank credit or debit cards, visiting QIWI kiosks, or via ATMs of listed banks. Once a deposit transaction is initiated, an invoice is created in the user’s QIWI account and processed by the wallet provider.

QIWI e-wallet also gives its users a fast deposit option. This feature is convenient and fast as it allows users to instantly fund their online lottery site account without leaving the online lottery platform. When using a supported payment method, a player is given the option of enabling this as their fast deposit account. Once selected, this option is made ready. While setting up this option on the QIWI e-wallet platform, the player is notified of their deposit limit depending on the kind of lotteries and games they play.

Mobile phone deposit option

Mobile phone users, first, have to download the QIWI wallet application. To make a deposit, they need to log into their account, select the Real money tab, and tap on the deposit button that appears on their screen. Following the selection, the QIWI Wallet button appears, and the mobile phone user is required to follow the on-screen instructions to facilitate the desired deposit amount.

How to make a withdrawal with QIWI

The same effortless deposit procedure also applies while making lottery payouts or withdrawals via QIWI wallet. However, a player is required to confirm that their online lottery site account has enough funds for withdrawal. Some online lottery sites charge a fee for QIWI withdrawals.

To make a withdrawal, a player needs to log in to their online lottery account to start the withdrawal process. Visit the payment page on the lottery site online and click on the QIWI wallet withdrawal option displayed. The player must then fill out a form with the payment details with the amount to be withdrawn and the QIWI account details. Once the details are verified, the player can then send the withdrawal request and wait for the processing.

Withdrawal requests processing periods vary among the different online lottery sites. However, the processing period ranges between 1-4 business days. While on the processing period, a player does not have access to the funds marked for withdrawal. Purchase of lottery tickets cannot happen while the funds are in processing.

Withdrawal limits

QIWI wallet’s withdrawal limits depend on the status of the account. A verified QIWI wallet user can withdraw a maximum of RUB 600,000 per transaction. In the instance a lottery player’s QIWI account is unverified, they are allowed a maximum limit of RUB 15,000 per transaction.

These withdrawal limits vary as some online lottery sites may have lower limits depending on their terms and conditions. It is, however, key to note that the QIWI wallet does not have minimum transaction limits. This all depends on the online lottery platform’s withdrawal limits.

Mobile phone withdrawals

A player can withdraw funds from an online lottery site to their QIWI wallet account via mobile phone. The withdrawal process is virtually similar to using a computer. For online lottery platform users, the only difference they will face is the user interface. It is important to note that this difference only occurs for online lottery sites with smartphone applications.

Safety and security at QIWI

Being a popular online payment service, QIWI wallet needs to offer the highest levels of transaction security to its clients. Its security levels are very high. The QIWI group recently partnered with a Swedish Fintech player to launch a new security solution service. This new service enables its clients to accept and make card payments directly and contactless via their mobile phones.

The user can accept card payments and lottery payouts within minutes using a simple interface on their mobile phone. This technology passed security certification, accredited by VISA and MasterCard as banking payment methods. Users are assured of high-end security on their personal and financial bank details from fraudulent scammers and unauthorized fund transfers.

QIWI customer support options

QIWI e-wallet service boasts quality customer service. Since their services are frequently used, QIWI wallet values its customers. Specifically, their feedback and suggestions on how and where to improve services.

It is very easy to get in touch with QIWI wallet’s customer support team because they have provided their customers with various options to contact them. To reach customer service for complaints, support, or feedback as a user is fast. These options include: for agent support for job queries

  • Telephone services: +8-800-333-00-59
  • Head Office physical address- 1a, Severnoe Chertanovo mkr

Moscow, 117648, Russia
+7 495 783 59 59

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