October 27, 2023

Find and Unlock the Shotgun in Alan Wake 2: A Guide

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In Alan Wake 2, the shotgun is a crucial tool for dealing with Nightingale, the formidable Taken monster. However, obtaining the shotgun requires some effort. In this guide, we will provide you with the location of the shotgun and the code to unlock its display case.

Find and Unlock the Shotgun in Alan Wake 2: A Guide

Where to Find the Shotgun

The sawed-off shotgun can be found in the creepy, abandoned general store in Cauldron Lake. However, you can only acquire it during your second visit to the lake, specifically in chapter 2. Make sure to progress the quest until Saga needs to track down Nightingale's heart, which will lead you directly to the general store. It's worth noting that you can retrieve the shotgun at any time during your second visit.

Obtaining the Shotgun

To obtain the shotgun, enter the general store through the store entrance (not the washing machines) and turn left. As you walk towards the back wall, be prepared for a jump scare as a cult member smashes through the wall to attack you. Use your flashlight to weaken him and eliminate him. Then, enter the small office where he was hiding. Inside, you will find the heart in the fridge on the left. After grabbing the heart, turn around and locate a pouch on the opposite wall, which will expand your inventory. Next to the pouch, you will find a locked display case containing the sawed-off shotgun.

Unlocking the Display Case

To unlock the display case, you need to input the code. The code is 739. Enter this code into the lock, retrieve the sawed-off shotgun, and prepare yourself to confront Nightingale.

Solving the Display Case Code

If you need assistance in solving the display case code, here's a clue: inspect the note near the shotgun's lock. The note mentions checking with Lady Fortuna at the counter. However, the reference to Lady Fortuna as a psychic is a red herring. Instead, focus on the notebook and the lotto ticket on the counter. The numbers 705, 713, 717, and 723 are crossed out on the notepad, with a reminder to update the code. The lotto ticket displays the numbers 05 13 17 23 39 45. To determine the current code, start with the number 7 and add one of the lotto number pairs. By following the pattern on the notepad, you will discover that the current code is 739.


Now armed with the shotgun, you are ready to take on Nightingale. Remember to slot the shotgun into your quickslot before facing the formidable foe. Good luck!

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