April 13, 2024

Double Powerball Winners Strike Gold in Paducah

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  • Key takeaway one: Two lucky Powerball ticket holders won $150,000 each from the same convenience store in Paducah for the April 6 drawing.
  • Key takeaway two: Veteran riverboat captain Jimmy Sharp and an anonymous woman were the winners, with Sharp's purchase influenced by his grandson's advice to add the Power Play option.
  • Key takeaway three: Both winners claimed their prizes, netting $108,000 after taxes, and the Quick Shop received a $3,000 bonus for selling the winning tickets.

Two fortunate individuals have hit the jackpot, not by striking the Powerball's ultimate prize but by securing hefty $150,000 wins each from tickets bought at the same Paducah convenience store. The Kentucky Lottery's recent announcement has stirred excitement, highlighting the wins from the April 6 Powerball drawing at the Quick Shop on Bridge Street.

Double Powerball Winners Strike Gold in Paducah

Among the winners is Jimmy Sharp, a seasoned riverboat captain with nearly half a century on the water, who usually reserves his lottery participation for jackpots over $100 million. The $1.32 billion prize pot proved too tempting to resist, leading him to follow his grandson's advice to opt-in for the Power Play feature. This decision amplified his reward, tripling it to $150,000 after matching four white balls and the red Powerball. The winning numbers were 22, 27, 44, 52, 69, and Powerball 9, aligning perfectly with Sharp's ticket.

Sharp shared the thrilling moment of discovery at the Quick Shop, where the cashier's reaction to his fifth ticket indicated a significant win. He recounted the experience during his visit to the Kentucky Lottery headquarters in Louisville, where he claimed his prize, resulting in a $108,000 check post-taxes.

The second winner, an anonymous woman, also claimed her $150,000 prize after purchasing her ticket at the same Quick Shop. Her disbelief turned into joy as she realized the extent of her winnings, echoing a sentiment of gratitude for her windfall despite being a single number shy of the billion-dollar jackpot.

Both winners' stories underscore the unpredictable joy of lottery participation and the communal excitement such wins bring, not just to the individuals but also to the selling locations, with the Quick Shop earning a $3,000 bonus for their role in this lucky tale.

Further stoking the Powerball buzz, a player in Portland, Ore., is in the process of claiming the colossal jackpot, as reports indicate. Meanwhile, the Kentucky Lottery reminds participants of the available support for those facing gambling challenges, promoting responsible play.

This tale of luck and strategy brings a spotlight to Paducah, sharing a compelling narrative of chance, choice, and celebration. As the community buzzes with the news, the Kentucky Lottery encourages questions and engagement from the public, fostering a connection with its audience through shared stories of fortune and excitement.

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