Best Online lotteries in Mexico 2022

Online lottery services are increasingly being used on mobile devices in Mexico. The country's lottery is becoming more mobile, and online lottery sites are increasing year after year. It will always be simpler to bet on a computer because of the bigger interface, but the mobile experience in Mexico is getting better all the time.

Out of all of the best online lotteries in Mexico, Chispazo has by far the best odds of winning. The best lottery games are a lot of fun to play. There are various reasons for this, including the fact of long country lotto history. The best online lottery also features several fantastic lotto games, as well as a large jackpot. Most importantly, online lottery tickets are affordable. Thus, there are plenty of reasons to participate in the country's lottery.

Best Online lotteries in Mexico 2022
History of lotteries in Mexico

The online version of the Mexican lottery helps everyone. It also allows people from all over the world to participate in their fantastic country's lotto, as it is no longer essential to purchase a tangible ticket. If one is lucky enough to win an online lottery prize, the prize money is deposited into their online account right away.

The Ministry of the Interior, through the Gambling and Raffles Bureau, is in charge of issuing the necessary permits to run gambling and lotteries, as long as the rules are followed.

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History of lotteries in Mexico

History of lotteries in Mexico

In August of that year, King Carlos III of Spain issued a royal order to start the National Lottery. He called it the "Real Lotera General de Nueva España." It was virtually exclusively played by New Spain's upper class at the time, and it wasn't popular with the general public until the mid-1800s.

The first lottery draw was held in modern-day Mexico City the following year, with a prize of approximately MXN 84,000 in current-day pesos. Due to the country's initial success, a slew of raffles and lotteries were set up across the region to raise funds for convents, churches, schools, and hospitals.

The lottery was a kind of fun for soldiers during the War of Independence, and it was a big help in getting money to pay for the defense of the colonies. August 1920, Mexico's national lottery was given the name Loteria Nacional para la Asistencia Publica, which it still has today: National Lottery for Public Assistance.

Since the 18th century, lottery games have existed in Mexico and have remained popular. The country's lottery offers players the best of both worlds. They have some of the best rewards in Latin America, as well as some of the cheapest tickets.

Lottery nowadays in Mexico

The online lottery has become an essential component of Mexican gaming culture in recent years. Mr. Porfirio Diaz is the current head of Mexico's National Lottery. The country's lotto operator has donated a significant amount of money to the Castaneda mental hospital in Mexico City over the years. Several construction projects, as well as medical help, have benefited from lottery payments.

History of lotteries in Mexico
Future of lottery in Mexico

Future of lottery in Mexico

The country's lottery rules, both in-person and online, were only recently enacted, so there is still lots of room for the business to expand. While internet access in many rural areas had previously limited the spread of online lottery games, the emergence of affordable smartphone technology has provided Mexican citizens with a less expensive means of accessing the best lottery sites online and the vast array of gambling opportunities they provide.

However, because the line between legal and illegal gaming is still a little blurry, the country's rules may need to be clearer if it wants to get investment or attention from bigger gambling companies.

Is Mexico moving towards or against legalization?

Today, the Mexican lottery has become a symbol of Mexico and its popular culture, known around the world for the joy it offers, the ease with which it can be played, and the clever drawings and couplets it contains. Currently, regulatory authorities in Mexico are concentrating their efforts on the sector's internal regulation and oversight.

Because the regulations contain no clear prohibition, it is only right to assume that any Mexican or a resident in the country can engage in a foreign lottery online. Until now, there haven't been any effective systems or means of controlling activities or products that take place or are sold outside of Mexico's borders, such as online lottery products.

Future of lottery in Mexico
Lottery legislation in the Mexico

Lottery legislation in the Mexico

Miguel Alemán Valdés, the country's president, assented to the Gaming Law in December 1947, and it has remained unchanged for nearly 70 years. The law outrightly prohibits gambling and raffles in the nation. However, the Interior Ministry can set rules and allow games with bets. This created a loophole that providers have tried to exploit and authorities have always struggled to close.

This state of confusion stuck until President Vicente Fox Quesada's ruling in the Federal Law of 2004 Games and Raffles Regulations. These rules were revised in 2013 to align them with historical norms, emerging industry needs, and changes in technology. However, there is still a lot to be done to make gambling safe, secure, and responsible.

Anti-illegal gaming rules have become stricter in recent years, which has led to the closure of many casinos that do not comply and the cancellation of licenses. Even though some providers approved, the present administration remains hesitant to change its stance on other forms of gambling.

Lottery acts in Mexico

The state was part of some national lotteries way before Mexico's independence. was directly involved in several national lotteries. They include New Spain's Royal General Lottery (1771). This was a successful lottery that led to similar activities in schools, parishes, and convents.

Decentralized federal government agency: The National Lottery for Public Assistance's main goal now is to help the federal government's public welfare programs by getting any money from the country's lotto that isn't used for other government projects.

The legislation contains no prohibitions against private parties organizing lotteries. Any private company that meets the regulations can run an online lottery that competes with those run by the National Lottery for Public Assistance.

Lottery legislation in the Mexico
Mexican players’ favorite lottery games

Mexican players’ favorite lottery games

As a result, it's advisable to play with organizations that are large enough and have adequate liquidity to deal with such volatility, guaranteeing that bets are always paid out. Larger organizations are also more likely to run betting sites that are regulated by well-known gambling jurisdictions.

The Mexican National Lottery is known for several things, including its lengthy history and charitable efforts. Participants can enjoy the variety of interesting online lottery games available. It also has an instant lottery called "Keno," as well as a lot of different games.

Gordito Draw

The Gordito draw, which takes place every Wednesday, is another fantastic game. Every Friday, the so-called Superior Sweepstakes are held. The top prize is a whopping 15 million pesos.

Sweepstakes with a twist

Special Sweepstakes are held once a month as well. It's really popular, especially because the jackpot is worth $25 million. The draw of Zodiac the lucky winners of the Zodiac Draw will get a total of $6 million! It makes the game well worth your time. Every last Sunday of the month, the Mayan Prophecy Draw has a guaranteed sole winner of $8 million.

Magno Draw is a game that allows players to draw up to $75 million. Gordo's Christmas Lottery features a huge jackpot of 150 million dollars. The Melate Steering Wheel is a steering wheel made of Melate. The so-called "Melate steering wheel" is one of the key features of this country's lottery.

It is divided into five sections, each with 56 numerals in total. This implies that each player can choose from five distinct combinations to play with. As a player, all one has to do is choose six favorite numbers from left to right. The number of boxes is entirely up to the player.

Mexican players’ favorite lottery games
Payment methods in Mexico

Payment methods in Mexico

Payments by e-wallet or online bank transfer can be made in a few hours, but usually within 24 hours. If a player withdraws funds using a credit or debit card, it normally takes one to three days. Wire transfers take longer to process, usually between 3 and 14 days, depending on the betting site.

There is no ability to physically put money into a bankroll, as is common for physical gaming. Instead, bettors must use an internet payment service to fund their wagers.

Credit cards are one of the most convenient ways to pay online, including for sports betting. For starters, they are cheap and most people already have one. Also, credit card deposits are handled instantly, allowing anyone to start betting within seconds.

Using the industry-supported eWallet services is another great way to manage our online bankroll. eWallet transactions are instantaneous, whether depositing or withdrawing. The eWallet also provides some anonymity as it does not show a user’s information while making a payment. Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, EntroPay, WebMoney, and others are supported services.

New methods of payment

Online lottery providers are taking note of the rise of cryptocurrency. They are unique in that they have no link to standard banking systems. They are convenient since a player does not have to provide any private/personal information because they are self-contained and decentralized. Although reluctant to catch on in the online gaming sector, more sites are taking cryptocurrency payments. Choose ones that accept a variety of cryptos, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Latin America’s lowest tax rate is 7% in Mexico. The country’s lottery and the municipal or federal government where the lottery is drawn deduct taxes. Players are guaranteed they will receive the whole amount after tax.

Payment methods in Mexico


Is online lottery popular in Mexico?

Online lottery betting is growing in popularity in Mexico. More online lottery sites are competing for the business. Sometimes finding a reputable online lottery site can be challenging.

Is there a guarantee for players to get their winnings?

Players are guaranteed their winnings. However, people should choose the best online lottery providers in their country.

Are winnings tax-free?

No, winnings in online lottery games in Mexico are subject to taxation by the government. But it is worth noting that Mexico's rates are among the lowest in Latin America.

Is online lottery betting legal in Mexico

Yes. But the industry is completely regulated and subject to a licensing system that applies to both businesses that sell goods online and those that sell goods in person.

Are online sportsbooks required to have a license in Mexico?

Yes, but many operators do not.

Is it safe to use an unlicensed foreign online lottery?

We recommend the use of licensed sportsbooks. Under the current laws, unlicensed offshore sportsbooks are not legally allowed to offer their services to Mexicans, but it’s clear that Mexican residents are free to play at foreign sportsbooks, whether they are licensed or not.