Find the Best Online Lotteries in India

Lottery games are a venerable tradition in India and draw substantial revenue for the government. Indian lottery is currently legal in thirteen states, attracting players from different social classes and demographics. These are Punjab, Sikkim, Goa, Kerala, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Manipur, West Bengal, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh.

Indian lottery faces stiff international competition, with tech-savvy Indian players preferring online lottery as it is suitable for a busier lifestyle. Tickets for the land-based lottery in India are relatively cheaper. However, local jackpots are not as massive as foreign lotteries, making the latter more attractive.

Find the Best Online Lotteries in India
History of Lotteries in India

A few attempts to banish online lottery have been made in the past but to no avail. This forced many players to opt for local black markets or offshore lottery websites. State-run Indian lotto is a vast industry, but there’s a need to modify its legal structure. That way, it can cater to the growing community of online gamblers.

Experts suggest that the government should digitize the Indian lottery and re-orient taxation to remain competitive and attract the younger generation. The websites featured here have been scrutinized to check their trustworthiness. Indian players can now access hundreds of lotteries with a few swipes on their smartphones.

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History of Lotteries in India

History of Lotteries in India

Lottery in India started in the Vedic Period, whereby gamblers would wager on valuable commodities like precious metals, slaves, land, and houses. The majority of stakes were so high that the activity almost put the economy in jeopardy. Even the private companies that offered lottery services offered no education on responsible gambling; hence gambling addiction became rampant.

The Britons also introduced other types of lotteries that entailed animal fights and races. These involved animals such as horses, cocks, and dogs. The participant would gamble on the specific animal that would win.

To control irresponsible gambling, the state of Kerala, through the finance ministry, initiated a new way of playing the lottery in 1967. The authority ordered a crackdown on all private lottery firms and implemented a national Indian lotto. Only people of legal age were allowed to participate in the national lottery and on specific schedules.

Other states followed suit, and the idea remains to date. However, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu banned all forms of gambling altogether. The ban was perpetrated by social activists that raised concerns about broken families caused by gambling addiction. Even though the state lotteries contributed to good revenue, the social implications were too costly to keep up with the practice.

History of Lotteries in India
Lottery nowadays in India

Lottery nowadays in India

Even though Indian lotto is legal in 13 states, some illegal lotteries are run by anonymous operators. Most gamblers opt to play the lottery online rather than attend physical venues. The best lottery sites for Indian players are mobile-optimized to let customers place bets from anywhere. There are numerous games, and Indians can pick those that they love the most.

The sites continue to evolve as many features are introduced regularly. Gamblers from lottery-banned states like Ladakh, Chattisgarh, Telangana, and Lakshadweep take advantage of these online platforms. The providers have incorporated new tricks such as single-digit matches with smaller prizes that are issued every day. Big wins are announced weekly.

Thanks to a broad selection of lotteries by the Kerala State Lotteries Department, players have a chance to win massively. Apparently, there are seven weekly lotto games, namely Akshaya, Nirmal, Pournami, Karunya, Karunya Plus, Win-Win, and Sthree Sakthi. Every lottery draw has its day.

Kerala also celebrates four festivals with lotteries: Christmas, Vishu, Dussehra, and Onam. In addition, players can try their luck at the two special bumper lotteries that happen in the summer and monsoon seasons.

Lottery nowadays in India
The future of Lottery in India

The future of Lottery in India

Indian lottery landscape is transforming. One of the states that are taking advantage of changes in Tamil Nadu, especially in the city of Coimbatore. While traditional paper-based lotteries are restricted in this city, players can participate freely in online lottery.

Again, the global lotteries with big names like Euro Million and Powerball are open for everyone, including Indians. As such, there is no limit to how far one can go with lottery games. Consequently, a lot of support is now available for those interested in the best online lottery games. Players can access information on buying tickets, when the draws are happening, and the available options.

Universal accessibility of such information could shape what Indian players can do in the future. For decades, Indians could only play lotto games in their native states. But they can now participate in global lotteries. If the trend goes on, then this would become a regular gambling activity.

The national lottery will keep selling tickets to the locals, but the government might start opening up to players from other countries. Many more lottery sites are expected to open soon.

The future of Lottery in India
Indian players’ favorite Lottery games

Indian players’ favorite Lottery games

Thanks to the internet, Indian players can play the best online lottery without leaving the comfort of their homes. The PowerBall, EuroMillions, and other games are accessible through platforms like the Lottoland. Once a player registers on this platform, they can pick numbers from international lottos. Here’s a rundown of popular lottery games among Indians.


The popular lottery game among Indian players is hosted in Europe. It offers gamblers 1:116 million odds and a minimum jackpot prize of ₹2 Crores. The EuroMillions tickets go for ₹240.00 with a top winning capped at ₹1555 Crores. The highest payout in history is 26 Crores.


It is the biggest lottery in the US, offering at least four crores in jackpot. Many gamblers are attracted to PowerBall’s higher-ticket prize, even though the odds of winning is 1:175 million.

Mega Millions

The lottery game is not only popular in the US but India as well. The minimum jackpot is ₹1.2 crores, whose odds stand at 1:258 million. But the general odds are 1:40.

Cricket Lotto

It is probably the most straightforward lottery with a minimum jackpot prize of ₹3.6 Crores. The well-rounded Cricket Lotto costs ₹80 per ticket, and players have won ₹73 Crores in the past.


It is another European lotto that costs ₹160.00 per line. It has a potential winning of up to ₹736 Crores.

Indian players’ favorite Lottery games
Payment methods in India

Payment methods in India

A crucial step that players must take when playing lottery online is depositing funds into their accounts. Without a bankroll, it is impossible to buy any ticket or claim a bonus. Thankfully, there are many ways Indian players can deposit money on the best lottery sites.


The e-wallet is approved by the Reserve Bank of India and can help gamblers add money to their accounts. Users add money to their Paytm account through credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and internet banking. It is secure, and all transfers to an online lottery come at zero cost.


UPI is widely used in India, and many lotteries targeting Indians use it as a payment method. It allows players to access their bank accounts within seconds when purchasing lottery tickets. Transactions are instant and straightforward. There are no charges for online purchases. However, international lotteries may take time to validate the transaction, and additional KYC might be needed.


The Immediate Payment Service or IMPS is an ideal payment method for an online lottery site located in India. It is fast and secure, allowing players to pay for lotto tickets with their bank accounts. However, the recipient must have an Indian bank account, so foreign lottery sites can be a hassle to navigate with IMPS payments.

Other useful payment methods for lotto players from India include MasterCard, Visa cards, Paypal, Skrill, and AstroPay, and Indian Netbanking, which uses a mobile app.

Payment methods in India
FAQs about betting in India

FAQs about betting in India

Are there genuine online lotteries in India?

Yes, various online platforms offer legit lotteries for real money, e.g., The Lotto, Lotto Agent, Play Huge Lotto, etc.

Can someone buy lottery tickets online in India?

Yes, lottery tickets are available on official websites or apps. Players should check the licensing information when choosing the best online lottery to avoid being scammed.

What criteria should players use to determine the best lottery sites?

Players should choose lottery online based on data security, user experience, game selection, bonuses, ease of payment, and payout speed.

What is the legal age of playing lotto in India?

One must be at least 18 years to participate in the Indian lottery.

Is it safe to book online lottery tickets?

It is safe to play at an online lottery site by a reputable operator.

Can Indian players be jailed for playing the international lottery?

Yes. Indians can play lotto freely on international websites without risking jail terms or legal penalties.

How do online lottery players know they have won a jackpot?

Once the winning numbers are revealed, players with winning tickets are contacted immediately by the operators. Communication can be done via SMS or email. Smaller prizes are released to the player’s account as soon as they are confirmed.

FAQs about betting in India