Best Online lotteries in Hungary 2022

Lottery betting is a favorite leisure activity among Hungarians. Just like sports betting, the lottery in Hungary is available online and offline. It has been a monopoly of the state-run Szerencsejáték Zrt, a gambling service that provides a variety of games of chance, including keno and sports betting.

Hungarian punters also participate in international lotteries, especially the Eurojackpot. Hungarian lottery started in the 18th Century. It was also the only legal form of gambling that existed during the Communism era. The ministry of finance had an agreement with the bank OTP those days. When Szerencsejáték was established in 1991, it became the sole provider and distributor of Hungarian lotto.

Best Online lotteries in Hungary 2022
Online Lotteries in Hungary 2022
Online Lotteries in Hungary 2022

Online Lotteries in Hungary 2022

Over the last few years, many online lottery sites from other countries have started to accept players from Hungary. They are making it easier to gamble from anywhere by facilitating mobile-friendly interfaces. But there are crucial considerations players must make when picking the best online lottery:

  • The website must have proper authorization and accreditation by a globally recognized regulator.
  • It would be more beneficial if the site accepts Hungarian Forints.
  • The best lottery sites present a wide selection of lotteries with a good mix of prizes, from mega jackpots to smaller, regular wins.
Online Lotteries in Hungary 2022
History of Lotteries in Hungary

History of Lotteries in Hungary

Queen Maria Teresa Habsburg was the person behind the implementation of the national lottery in 1752. This was the first gambling jurisdiction and mainly focused on lotteries. Horse racing and card games were also popular in the 19the Century. After World War II, most countries in Eastern Europe adopted socialism.

The socialist ideologies were all about equality but strongly discouraged individual enrichment. Consequently, many forms of gambling were considered illegal, except horse race betting. There was no internet those days, so gamblers could not access the lottery online. In 1947, the government passed the Toto Pools to raise funds for the 1948 Olympic games.

The Hungarian national lottery was revived in 1957. It grew so fast, and no stakeholder talked about enforcing equality. Monthly draws gave players a chance to acquire valuable goods they couldn’t have accessed during the socialist era. Lottery prizes ranged from villas, flats, cars, and domestic appliances.

In January 2007, the Gambling Supervision Department took over the betting control. Then, they changed the name to the National Tax and Customs Administration or NAV in 2011.

According to NAV, the minimum legal age for participating in Hungarian Lotto is 18 years. The participants must register first in the lottery platforms.

Lottery nowadays in Hungary

Lotto players from Hungary enjoy new advanced iLottery games from Szerencsejáték Zrt. and other global providers. The state owns the company 100%, allowing it to operate other gambling services like sports betting and casinos. Like other public lotteries in the world, Szerencsejáték amasses substantial revenue for the national budget. The money is used in sports and social welfare programs. There are more than 7,700 authorized lotto retailers in Hungary.

Those who prefer an online lottery site need a bank account to fund their tickets and receive potential prizes. Overseas players are also welcome to play Hatoslottó (Lotto 6) and other online lottery games by Szerencsejáték. Those without a Hungarian bank account can use third-party services to purchase tickets.

Being the largest lotto provider in Hungary, Szerencsejáték sells draw tickets, sports bets, and number draw games. The company uses an online sales channel and a vast retail channel to reach as many lotto players as possible. The lottery products are accessible via the official website, SMS, and phone.

Currently, Szerencsejáték offers six number draw games and about 15 to 20 prize draw games. About 67% of the adult population in Hungary, which accounts for five million players, buys lotto from this company. As a result, the company takes over 50% of the gambling market share.

History of Lotteries in Hungary
The future of Lottery in Hungary

The future of Lottery in Hungary

Since the government introduced a new licensing system for internet gambling in 2013, the popularity of online lottery has risen steadily. What began as a casual pastime activity has turned into a culture with hundreds of lottery sites flourishing.

Lotto fans in Hungary always have something exciting to see in the cards. In conjunction with Szerencsejáték, the Scientific Games Corporation recently disclosed their intent to strengthen the lottery in Hungary. The move is expected to revamp the entire gambling industry and increase revenue.

The American-based organization, Scientific Games Corporation, is a leading global supplier of lottery products and gambling software. They started their operations in 2018, and their partnership has since helped the Hungarian lottery increase digital ticket sales by 58%. Szerencsejáték has now become a fast-growing lottery company in Europe.

Their gaming technology has reached over 30 nations across the globe. Dedicated to responsible gambling, Scientific Games are designed to give what players value the most, i.e., interactive content, security, and efficiency. Through this partnership, Hungary looks forward to digitizing all the lottery programs in addition to other gaming products.

The future of Lottery in Hungary
Lottery acts in Hungary

Lottery acts in Hungary

Section 3 (1a) of the 1991 Gambling Act XXXIV clarifies that Hungary lotto and sports betting are under a monopoly. The law only permits Szerencsejáték to run the lottery in both land-based and online avenues. But this doesn’t prevent gamblers from accessing the best online lottery from other countries.

Hungarian players can therefore choose from a variety of lotteries with big jackpot prizes and attractive bonuses. Decree number 32/2005 from the Ministry of Finance also provides the regulatory codes regarding the permission of lotteries. Guidelines for responsible control of gambling are laid out in the Government Law number 329/2015.

Winnings from any lottery hosted in Hungary are not taxed. But the providers of lottery activities in the country are taxed. The law on the online lottery in Hungary enacted in July 2013 proposes the introduction of unlimited online betting platforms with a five-year license.

Just like sports betting and bingo, lotteries are licensed for a maximum period of five years. Considering the European Union’s attitude towards the Hungarian gaming industry, changes could happen any time soon.

The online gambling law that was implemented in 2009 led to the opening of online casinos. Despite the rigid legal framework of online gambling, very few operators have managed to offer bets to Hungarian players. Investors must follow strict terms and conditions before they can acquire a license.

Lottery acts in Hungary
Hungary players’ favorite Lottery games

Hungary players’ favorite Lottery games

With a complete understanding of the gambling laws in Hungary, lotto fans can play freely without the fear of being apprehended by law enforcement officers. Hungary has become a great hub for all types of lotteries, with the online experience bringing thrills straight to one’s home. Here are popular lotto games Hungarian punters like the most.


The Eurojackpot features jackpot prizes starting at €10 million. Its odds of winning are relatively big, and so are the jackpots. The draws are announced every week.


It is probably the fastest online lottery game, taking about five minutes per cycle. Draws are made every day. Players must key in a total of 12 numbers- eight from A-field and four from B-field. Each bet with a B-field number costs 200 Ft.

Lotto 6

Lotto 6 is one of the simplest lotteries for Hungarian players. It comes with a typical 6/45 matrix without extra balls. The odds of winning a jackpot stand at 1: 8,145,060. The jackpot prizes start at 60 Ft million and roll over each draw until a winner is declared. Three more prize tiers come with additional chances of winning every week.

Lotto 5

Another straightforward lottery requires the players to choose five numbers, anything from 1 to 90. The participants stand a chance to win a whole jackpot if they match all five numbers. The draws happen weekly.

Hungary players’ favorite Lottery games
Payment methods in Hungary

Payment methods in Hungary

The best lottery sites ensure transparency and safety when it comes to payments. Lotto fans from Hungary normally use Visa, MasterCard, PaySafe Card, Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill. But other domestic options accept HUF, thereby eliminating the conversion fees.

Visa and MasterCard

The two payment providers allow lottery transactions from Hungarians. They are renowned for top-notch security and ease of use.

Digital Wallets

The biggest e-wallets that dominate in payments of lottery online are Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. They allow bettors to access their funds online while keeping their bank details confidential. Thanks to their faster processing times, most lotto players prefer e-wallets to credit/debit cards.


The PaySafeCard is safer than using a bank account. It is simply a card with prepaid credit, so the holder can top it up whenever they wish.


There has been a surge in the number of crypto enthusiasts for the last few years. The best online lottery platforms have adopted digital currencies as a method of payment. Cryptocurrency is decentralized and so doesn’t require an intermediary like the bank to process transactions.

Anyone with a Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum wallet can purchase tickets for the lottery online. It is the safest online payment method for gambling activities.

Payment methods in Hungary


1. Is it legal to play an online lottery in Hungary?

The lottery in Hungary is legal. Players do not break any law when playing lotto over the internet. Nevertheless, there’s a need for proper regulation. Operators offering lottery online are licenced and registered in other countries.

2. Can online lottery sites in Hungary be trusted?

Players should only trust duly licenced sites with good reviews. The latest legal changes in Hungary have made online lottery more secure and transparent. As such, operators are now more accountable.

3. What makes a betting website secure?

A secure gambling site has an SSL certificate denoted by a padlock symbol before its URL.

4. Do the best lottery sites sell lotto tickets in Hungarian Forints?

Most international lottery websites trade tickets in euros and US dollars. But those targeting Hungarians accept HUF deposits, allowing players to bet at the current exchange rate.

5. Do lotto winners pay income tax while playing online?

Withdrawals from online lottery sites are tax-free in Hungary. Taxes are paid by the lottery providers, leaving the players’ winnings free of tax.

6. What languages do lotto sites support?

Every site lists its language on the homepage. Most lotto sites are available in English, French, Hungarian, Spanish, etc. Users can change the settings to suit their linguistic preferences.