Complete List of 10 EPS Lottery Sites 2024

EPS (electronic payment standard) is an Austria-based online payment solution that allows users to make online payments directly from their banks without sharing their banking details with the merchants. That comes in particularly handy for online lottery punters. As far as lottery gaming goes, players have little to worry about, especially when scam lottery sites have flooded the market. Safeguarding personal details is one of the precautions punters can use to ensure they do not fall victim to 'suspicious' lottery sites. Licensed trustworthy sites lottery sites are also protected from payment defaults.

All major Austrian banks support EPS, which is availed to account holders in any of these banks. This payment method is accepted in more than 80% of all online retailers based in Austria, including online casinos and lottery sites. Users need to link their bank accounts to the EPS website to use the service.

Complete List of 10 EPS Lottery Sites 2024
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How to make a deposit with EPS

Another advantage of using EPS to make deposits in lotto sites online is fast processing time and immediate feedback. Users transfer money directly from their bank accounts without the extended processing time and confirmation process associated with direct bank transfers. Users also get to review all the payment details before authorizing the payments, minimizing the chances of errors.

Before getting the money part, the first step to making a payment is choosing an online lottery site that accepts this mode of payment. Several reputable online sites accept EPS payments, also known as EPS lotteries. They can then register for an account and log in to start the deposit process.

Before using EPS to deposit funds to an online lottery site, users must ensure that their bank accounts have adequate amounts to fund the deposit. First-time users may also be required to link their bank accounts to their EPS accounts. The process is easy and only requires approvals from the bank in which the users are account holders.

Deposit process

After successful login, users must navigate to the deposit option on the banking page of the lottery site. Most gambling sites usually offer several payment options, one of which should be EPS.

Selecting the EPS option will redirect the user to the EPS site. The users then have to choose the bank from which the deposit will be made and enter their account credentials to access their bank account. After confirming all the details, they can specify the amount to be transacted and authorize the transaction. Authorization can be done by scanning a QR code displayed on the lottery site or entering a code sent to the user via SMS.

Users usually receive a notification to confirm that the transaction is completed. That usually takes only a few seconds as transactions are processed in real-time. The users can then opt to return to the lottery site online to confirm that the deposit made has been credited to their accounts.

Mobile deposits

It is possible to make deposits via EPS using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The deposit process is similar to the one described above.

Deposit limits and fees

EPS does not limit the amount users can deposit to gambling sites. However, some lottery sites usually limit the amount and number of transactions that gamblers can do in a day. The limits vary among the different lottery providers. That notwithstanding, EPS deposit methods do not charge any additional fees for deposits. However, regular banking fees may apply to some banks.

How to withdraw with EPS

The main disadvantage of using the EPS payment method for punters is that it does not double up as a withdrawal option for lottery payouts. That deprives punters of enjoying the possible pros, such as quick withdrawals processing. Punters thus have to choose a suitable alternative for withdrawals.

Lottery players who prefer withdrawing funds directly to their bank accounts, as would be the case with EPS if it worked for withdrawals, usually opt for regular wire transfers. However, wire transfers may not be available at lottery sites online for various reasons. Punters must also provide their banking information to withdraw via wire transfer. Wire transfers' withdrawal processing time is usually three to five business days in most gambling sites.

Tips for choosing other withdrawal options

Punters should consider the transactions charges when choosing an alternative withdrawal option. Most of the efficient options usually charge a processing fee, which can at times be unreasonable.

Another factor to consider is the security and privacy guarantees of the payment options. The more advanced the security and privacy features a payment method has, the better an option it is.

Punters should also consider accessibility and convenience. The payment methods to consider should be those that the user can access at any time without going through much trouble. Trustworthiness should go without mentioning.

Safety and security at EPS

EPS has some of the most advanced and effective security features. The payment system is designed to ensure that users' banking information doesn't land in the wrong hands and transactions cannot be intercepted or traced by unauthorized persons. Some of the top security features are highlighted below.

User Authentication

Users must approve or authenticate all the transactions made via EPS, including deposits to online lotteries. That is done by scanning a QR code or entering a passcode sent to the user via SMS. The user authentication feature helps to prevent errors in transactions. That comes in handy as transactions made via EPS cannot be reversed.

SSL Protocol

SSL protocol has a lot to do with internet security encryption, which helps to keep hackers at bay. The EPS website has an SSL certificate, proving that it uses the SSL encryption protocol. That assures users of their security while using the website.


EPS also uses the tokenization feature to provide an extra security layer for customer payment data. Tokenization involves the conversion of users' payment data into random unique codes. In the rare case that the payment data is intercepted, the data will be meaningless to the hacker.


Despite all the security features, punters should still take several measures and precautions to improve protection. For starters, punters should avoid making deposits or accessing their accounts when connected to public Wi-Fi. Punters should also report any issues related to the payment method through the relevant channels as soon as they notice anything suspicious.

EPS customer support options

The EPS system is designed such that users don't face any challenges. The payment method also works as an intermediary between banks and online merchants, meaning that it does interfere with user preferences and transaction requirements. Because of that, EPS does not have any dedicated channels for contacting customer support representatives. However, users can explore the following options:

  • Phone – 888-859-9219
  • Social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Customer support contact form

However, EPS was created by all the major banks in Austria to facilitate online payment processes. In case of an issue, users can contact the customer support representatives of their respective banks for assistance. Banks employ different channels for accessing customer support services. Given that most users are local, they can also visit their nearest bank branches to get help in person.

Another channel of getting assistance is through the EPS social media platforms. Users can send messages or post their issues on the platforms to find help. The help can come from the team running the social media accounts or other EPS users who know the solution to the issue posted. However, there are chances of not getting a timely response to any query or issue posted on social media as it is not an official customer service channel. Other users may also post misleading information.

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