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They Solved the Lottery Using Science and Math

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Okay, everyone. They did it. They solved the lottery using science and math.

They Solved the Lottery Using Science and Math

Who needs luck, when the good people at Just Gamblers have basically given us the winning numbers? Well, maybe not THE winning numbers, but some numbers that have proven to be the luckiest, and that’s the same, right?

Just Gamblers is an online resource for lottery statistics. They released the numbers that appeared in the most wins and the ones that are the biggest losers.

Magnus Boberg, co-founder of Just Gamblers, breaks it down for the rest of us. He says, “The selection of lottery numbers relies on a randomized algorithm, which is used to select numbers in an unpredictable way. With that said, it is fascinating to see such a clear pattern in the top five unluckiest numbers, with all of them being in the 40s.”

  • Key Takeaways:
    • The luckiest number across 47 available in lotteries is 28.
    • The number 47 is the unluckiest, with significantly lower appearance rates in wins.
    • Mississippi’s Match 5 and Mega Millions show unique patterns in lucky numbers.
    • Lotto America is a new game introduced by MS Lottery, promising a progressive jackpot starting at $2 million.

The Luckiest of the 47 Numbers

  • 28 - The best and most successful number of the 47 numbers available. It has an average frequency of 201.4 and is the sixth most frequent number in the Mega Millions drawing, It has been called 327 times.
  • 16 - Next is the number 16 which occurs at a 200.6 average frequency.
  • 39 - In third is 39, which occurs at an average frequency of 199.

Avoid These Numbers If You Can

  • 47 - This the absolute unluckiest of numbers for the lottery, averaging a frequency of just 138. It ranks 52nd in Mega Millions, only appearing 161 times. In the Powerball drawings, it ranks 48th, appearing in a winning pull only 220 times.
  • 46 - This number has similar statistics, having an average frequency of 139.4.
  • 43 - Across the five lotteries, this is the unluckiest, with an average frequency of 148.4. It ranks 49th in Mega Millions only coming up 169 times.

According to Lottery Predictor, Mississippi has its own set of luckiest numbers. Seems like your best bet would be to sprinkle some in from the national results instead of going straight across the local table. Here are the top six most drawn numbers for Mississippi’s Match 5.

The numbers for the Mississippi Mega Millions skew a little higher, so you should avoid single-digit selections (with the exception of one).

If you really want to hedge your bets in the Powerball play, you might think about looking at the odds across the lottery categories. It seems like 19 is a pretty lucky number, no matter what you’re playing.

MS Lottery said Mississippi will add a new game, Lotto America, to its slate of offerings. Starting Sunday, May 12, players will play for a progressive jackpot starting at $2 million for just a dollar a play.

Drawings for the Lotto America will be on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and will offer a smaller field of numbers. Players choose five numbers from 1-52 and one Star Ball number from 1-10. Prizes will range from $2 all the way up to the Jackpot.

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