Best Online lotteries in Peru 2022

A significant part of Peru's population comprises gambling enthusiasts who prefer playing different lotteries. Some of these individuals stop by the land-based casinos in this South American country to wager on this game. Many others choose lottery sites because they are easier to access with high-speed internet service and a good PC or smartphone. Plus, they have a cocktail of these betting platforms to explore, allowing them to enjoy various features.

It's safe to say that a majority of bettors settle for online lotteries for the excitement it presents, mainly when they contemplate the potential of winning. Of course, they know this is only a game of chance. So, they don't buy into the common illusion that it's a viable get-rich-quick scheme to bring them financial freedom. On the upside, this makes playing it undemanding since they're not required to master any calculated winning strategies.

Best Online lotteries in Peru 2022
History of Lotteries in Peru
History of Lotteries in Peru

History of Lotteries in Peru

Additionally, some punters participate in the lotto to satisfy their curiosity as they hope to experience how this popular game works first-hand. More often, it grows on them, and they become regular players. This also prompts them to research the lotteries accessible to them and stay informed about recent trends to ensure they relish them ultimately.

The lottery's ingrained in the Peruvian gambling culture, and punters here have been betting on it for many years. Decades ago, the collection of lotto games available was a bit small. But this game's lovers were still incredibly enthusiastic about playing them when they got a chance to.

Upon seeing how passionate punters were about the lottery and other casino games, the government decided to develop a comprehensive legal system to protect gamblers and providers so that the latter wouldn't take advantage of the former. And all lotto activities could be run by the law. The first step towards achieving it was legalizing betting in 1979 since it could make the licensing process more straightforward.

It's worth stating that back then, most gambling fanatics would bet on the lotto offline. The internet or technology wasn't that advanced, plus only a few people knew the first thing about navigating the limited lottery sites available.

History of Lotteries in Peru
Lottery Nowadays in Peru

Lottery Nowadays in Peru

The lottery has secured a spot on the list of Peru's most played gambling games. And what's even more beguiling about it is that, unlike many years ago, it's accessible online. As anyone might expect, most players browse the internet in search of top-ranked lottery sites instead of leaving the confines of their houses to try a brick-and-mortar casino.

Intralot de Perú SA

Thanks to the Intralot, Peruvians have access to various online lottery games, which include:

  • La Tinka/Peru Tinka
  • Kabbalah
  • Kinelo
  • Ganagol
  • Rapitinkas
  • Click & Win

This lottery provider doesn't offer these games to make winners rich – its primary objective is to give its audience the first-class entertainment it deserves. And given how popular its lotto options have grown in Peru, it's making good of it.

Notably, the Intralot is not all about making profits. It has diverted a large amount of its proceeds to charities to improve the quality of life for Peruvians in need.

Additionally, this lottery site has rules for gamblers participating in its games. The ticket prices of the latter differ, and they also don't come with the same prizes. Should one win, they have up to three months (180 days) to claim their payouts. The location they visit to do so depends on the amount they're eligible to receive. For instance, players can get prizes of S/5,000 or less at any of Intralot's points of sale, while for those of more than S/1 million, they have to go to the company's head office in Lima.

Lottery Nowadays in Peru
Future of Lottery in Peru

Future of Lottery in Peru

When it comes to lotteries in Peru, things can only get better as these games' fans are set to increase. Besides, the number of options available will likely double or triple because providers want to tap into the rapidly growing gambling market and ensure every lotto player's needs are met.

But it's unwise to leapfrog the truth that the lotto's radiant future provides the perfect environment for dupers to thrive. After all, plenty of players are dying to try as many new games as their finances and time allow. Already, some have fallen victim to cons on the internet, which begs the need for all gamblers to be on their guard at all times. They can do so by watching out for the tell-tale signs of lottery scams, which include:

  • An unlicensed site with plenty of bad reviews.
  • Unreasonably expensive tickets.
  • An unintuitive betting website that is down most of the time.
  • A new betting platform with no reviews – though some may be legitimate, it's best to choose platforms that have been in business for 2-5 years.
  • Untrustworthy payment deposit and withdrawal options.
Future of Lottery in Peru
Peru Players' Favorite Lottery Games

Peru Players' Favorite Lottery Games

Check out three of the top lotteries that tickle the fancy of most Peruvian players today:

  • Peru Tinka: Established in 1994, Tinka is a highly favored game, liked for its ease to play and massive jackpots that have enrichened many players. The latter must pick 6 numbers from the 45 in each line to participate. Draws are held every Wednesday and Sunday in this country's capital, Lima. And winners receive their prizes as one-time payments only.

  • Gana Diario: This game is exclusive to Peru players, giving each of them a chance to walk home with S/100,000. They must choose 5 numbers from between 1 and 35. And they can only win if their selections match the official draw. The Gana Diario, launched in 2003, has drawings every day in the evening.

  • Kábala (Kabbalah): Countless players in Peru also enjoy this game, with draws on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Like the Gana Diario, they must be in this country to play it. Speaking of which, one should pick 6 numbers from a range of 1-40 to play, and if they win, they have a maximum of 180 days to collect their payout, which must be taxed.

Peru Players' Favorite Lottery Games
Payment Methods in Peru

Payment Methods in Peru

Punters must consider the payment options provided by the online casino they're just about to settle for. Choosing the wrong banking system can cost them a potentially riveting playing experience as it might complicate making deposits and withdrawals. So, how can they discover the most convenient ones? Well, they can start by deliberating over these factors:

  • Availability of the payment method in Peru
  • Security and reliability of the system
  • Processing times, or how long it takes for the withdraw or deposit solution to approve transactions
  • The minimum and maximum withdrawal/deposit limits

As Peruvians try to choose a payment method befitting their specific requirements, they should beware that they have many safe local and international options to explore, including:

  • Bank transfers (through banks such as BBVA, Scotianbank, Interbank, Banco de Crédito, and BanBif)
  • Credit & debit cards such as American Express (Amex), Visa, and Mastercard
  • Mobiamo
  • SafetyPay
  • PagoEfectivo
  • Paymentwall
  • Payzone Maroc
  • Skrill
  • PayPal

It's noteworthy that many Peruvian players also opt for cryptocurrencies to deposit or withdraw cash. More often than not, they want to be safe and remain anonymous. Additionally, they long to enjoy the fast processing times of transacting with digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

Payment Methods in Peru


Are there lotteries in Peru?

Yes, there are many of them. The Peru Tinka, with seven prize divisions and a hefty jackpot, is one of the most played ones.

Who can bet on the Peru Tinka?

All Peruvians can wager on the Peru Tinka's results as long as they are 18 or older.

How often can Peruvians play the lotteries they like?

As often as they'd like, thanks to the 24/7 availability of various games on all days of the week.

Is it safe for Peruvians to bet on the lotto online?

Yes and no – it all comes down to the initiatives a punter takes to be secure while at it. It's best to stick to licensed lottery sites with an excellent reputation. Also, participants should research the preferred lotteries to ensure they're legitimate to protect themselves against fraudsters.

Can Peruvians wager on the US Powerball lottery?

Yes. Gamblers in Peru can participate in the famous US Powerball on the condition that they purchase tickets on time and observe its rules.

How can gamblers in Peru win lotteries?

There's nothing anyone can do to win lotteries, given that these games are based on luck – they can only place the bet and pray that the odds favor them.